To You (for band, orchestra and SATB choir)

Grade level: 5

Commission info: Arrowhead Union High School (WI), Jacob Polancich, conductor

Duration: 9:00

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Program Note: 

When I was asked to write this piece for band, orchestra, and choir in dedication to the career of principal Bonnie Laugermann, my mind jumped immediately to a poem by Langston Hughes entitled "To You."  It is a beautiful and inspiring poem with a message of dreaming big in order to help make the world a better place.  From my discussion with people who are close to Dr. Laugermann, it was very clear that she is an educator and a leader who is completely supportive of those who are striving to achieve real excellence in education.  These three talented ensembles are brought together in this piece to deliver a message of thanks and appreciation for a principal who has been an ardent supporter of a music department that likes to dream big.  

To You

To sit and dream, to sit and read,
To sit and learn about the world
Outside our world of here and now – 
   Our problem world –
To dream of vast horizons of the soul
Through dreams made whole,
Unfettered, free – help me!
All you who are dreamers too,
   Help me to make
   Our world anew.
I reach out my dreams to you.
   - Langston Hughes

To You
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