Agua, Viento y la Luz

Grade 4

Commission info: St. Olaf College Festival of Bands Honor Band, composer conducting

Duration: 5:00

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Program Note: 

Agua, Viento y la Luz, which translates to "water, wind and the light," is an homage to both the natural beauty and the rich musical culture of Puerto Rico, which happens to be the island of my birth! The piece opens with a flowing, lyrical melody, depicting the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean. The second section, the wind, incorporates lively dance rhythms and transforms the concert band into a Latin Jazz ensemble. Finally, the piece culminates in its third section, the Light, which brings together the two themes in a bold and triumphant close. Though the music is not meant to literally depict Hurricane Maria, it most certainly is supposed to be a response to the island's efforts to recover from that devastating storm.

Agua, Viento Y La Luz
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